My (Last-Minute) Christmas List

Happy Winter Solstice! 

Are you counting down yet? Only 4 more days until Christmas, and I feel like I just found out it's December. I have done very minimal shopping and have absolutely zero motivation to go out and do more. I guess it's all part of the experience.

Due to my lack of desire to join the mobs at the mall, I've decided that, with four days left, it's about time I start my online shopping. Thankfully, I have Amazon Prime, so it makes it as painless (and inexpensive) as possible. So, in a weird, unhelpful turn of events, I've decided to share what I want for Christmas this year, many of which are available on Amazon Prime (hint, hint, Husband...). Who knows? Maybe my wishlist will inspire you for the people in your life!

Plain Cap

My husband doesn't get it, and frankly, neither do I, but I've been eyeing a plain suede cap for a while now. It just looks so chic and cool girls wear them, so now I want one.
This one is available on Amazon Prime

French Press

Again, cool girl status seems attainable with a french press. Also, I'll save money and not have to walk down the block every time I begin detoxing from caffeine.
Also available on Amazon Prime!

Swell Water Bottle

Cool girls drink water from cool bottles. Enough said.

iPhone Charger Case

My husband has this one and swears by it. Here's hoping Santa heard the recommendation!
Yup - Prime

Indoor Plants

Now that I have a window in my office, I'm trying to fill the space with as much greenery as possible. How cute would these planters look hanging on my brick office wall?
You guessed it. Prime.

Gift Cards

As obnoxious as it sounds, I need a whole new wardrobe since I've lost a considerable amount of inches (weight lifting for the win!). And, as it were, since I'm still learning how to dress my new size, I'm not sure of what my size actually is. So instead of asking for clothes in specific sizes (as we know, one size in one store IS NOT the same in others...), I'm hoping to get gift cards to places like, Ann Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Lululemon, Antropologie, SephoraNordstrom, Primark, etc.

I wish you all a very happy holidays!

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