Mother's Day Gifts for the New Mom

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Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, and for those of us who are of a certain age, we have friends who are starting to make babies. A close friend of mine recently gave birth and this will be her first Mother's Day as the guest of honor! So this post is devoted to all the (simple and inexpensive) things you can give the new mommies in your life

1. Food
Who doesn't love getting food? Especially if you are a woman who just gave birth! Bake some homemade cookies or cook an easy, but thoughtful freezer meal for those nights when she and her S.O. are too tired to cook. I've made a few of the recipes found on my Freezer Meals Pinterest board.

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2. Jewelry
You can make or buy her some simple jewelry to celebrate her being a mother. Etsy has some great jewelry to get some ideas! I'm completely obsessed with the Mama Bear necklace!

source: Rebekah Gough

source: Etsy
source: Etsy

3. Home Decor
With all the hustle and bustle of having a new baby, there is little to no time to spruce up the house. Consider purchasing or making decorations for the home, particular as it is now Spring! Perhaps you can pick up a springtime wreath to don her front door, buy beautiful picture frames for all those pictures of the new baby, or create funky and personalized wall art. 

4. Flowers
Duh. Buy (or pick if you have your own flower garden) a colorful bouquet of flowers and arrange in vase. Consider things like favorite flowers, color-scheme, and vase style to match her home for future use. 

source: Homey Oh My!

I however will not buy my friend flowers, as she's allergic to everything. Instead, I will invest in some...

5. Plants.
Now I don't mean buying her a high-maintenance plant (I'm looking at you Zebra Plant). Resist the urge to buy her a beautiful plant that requires strict a water schedule and specific temperature and sunlight requirements. This will only overwhelm the new mom (unless she is an experienced or passionate gardener) and the plant will likely die much too soon. Instead, consider buying her low-maintenance house plants such as aloe, snake plant, jade, succulents, or air plants. You could also purchase or grow an herb garden for her! I'd love this as a gift (hint hint).

source: LollyJane

source: eighteen25

6. Spa-Items.
source: Lil' Luna

7. Spa Day!
If you can swing it, and mom has the time, splurge on a spa day for your favorite new mom. It can be as elaborate as a day full of massages, facials, and mani/pedi, or as simple as getting time to get a hair cut and nails done. Make sure you offer to watch the new bundle of joy too!

8. Gift Cards
Think about what mom wants - is it gift cards to things she wouldn't normally want to spend the money on, such as her favorite clothing store or a fancy dinner out, or something more practical, such as a gift card to the grocery store or CVS. It's not super fancy, but can be equally as thoughtful (and useful!) as other gifts. Consider giving a gift card with a more personal gift from this list!

9. Gift in Jars/Baskets.
This is a fun, personal gift that goes a long way! Consider what the new mommy enjoys and curate a gift basket around that central theme. It could be a spa gift basket, an arts and crafts basket, a coffee and cookies jar, or whatever! Check out the images below for more ideas, or click here for a whole list of ideas from Lil' Luna!

source: A Night Owl

source: Evermine Blog

10. Dinner on You (Free Babysitting Included)
This one's a fave! Depending on how old the bundle of joy is, the mom may be eager to get out of the house! Offer a gift certificate to her and her significant other's favorite place (or a place you think they'd enjoy) and offer to watch your favorite new baby. 

As a new mom, would you like these gifts? What do you like to gift for Mother's Day? Share below!

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