10 Things Tuesday: Things Having a Moment Right Now

Happy Tuesday All!

Today, I've decided to try a new monthly post: Ten Things Tuesday! These posts will be devoted to a specific topic each week and ten things related to that topic. Confused? Read on for this week's Ten Things Tuesday.

1. Hand Lettering. For good reason - it's beautiful art. However, every time I see a DIY for Hand Lettering, I just shake my head in shame, as I can never create that kind of beauty.

2. Succulents. I have some on my porch and at my desk at work. I love the way they spruce up an otherwise boring wooden windowsill, the dusty green color they share, and how I think I'm an amazing gardener for having kept these low-maintenance plants alive.

3. Giraffes/sloths/baby hippos/other random zoo animal. I love every single animal ever. A bit too much at times. I LOVE the random picture lists of random animals doing random animal things. Like this list here.

4. Workout Du Jour. Think SoulCycle, CrossFit, The Bar Method, etc. The Husband calls them "fad workouts." I call them "whatever it takes to get your to exercise workouts." I'm for it.

5. Sriracha. I think this is very random. This has been a staple in many people's pantries, including mine, for years! Why now are people realizing the versatility of this great sauce?

6. Disney Princesses. I thought this was going to die a while ago. Disney Princesses are everywhere, which, whatever, they are Disney Princesses. Everyone loves a Disney Princess. Especially a hipster Disney Princess, or with a techy twist.

7. Korean Skincare. Every beauty blog I've been reading lately seem to have some post (or many posts) devoted to Korean skincare routines. I mean, yeah I guess there something to it if it's been around for centuries. But can't we say that for many ancient traditions? (see below for another one of these situations)

8. Alternative Medicine. Not everyone is loving this. And not everyone is new to this. However, I have seen my fair share of articles, blog posts, and tutorials devoted to making one's own medicine, using essential oils throughout the day, and the art of wildcrafting. I have a couple of Pinterest boards devoted to these posts as well.

9. "Real" Women. This phrase and trend grinds my gears. I'm a very "average" person: I wear a medium in everything, deal with my own body issues, fully aware that I'm not a health risk nor do I need to lose or gain significant weight. That being said, hearing and seeing what "real" women look like is abominable. Even when the media turned "real" women to mean women with curves, this pissed me off. Rail thin women, overweight women, average sized women, athletic women, just to name a few "body types" belong in the category of "real" women, if we insist on having this category. Don't even get me started on Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" either…

10. The 90s and Early 2000s. Um, these decades were not that long ago…Why are we reminiscing already? Actually, I love it - reading about Lizzie McGuire reunions and all the PopSugar love to my childhood real warms my heart (and sometimes makes me cringe).

Do you think this list is complete? Are there any other things having a moment right now? Comment below!

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