Teacher Appreciation 2017!

It's that time of year again, where we appreciate all the amazing teachers out there supporting our learner's of all ages and abilities. As a way to show our love and appreciation for these teachers, Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a Teacher's Appreciation Sale!

Starting tomorrow and running through Wednesday, use the code THANKYOU17 to get 10% off any product! If you shop a store that has their products marked down 20% off (like mine), you will get a whopping 28% off all products!

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This is a great way to try out TPT if you're a new teacher or new the TPT! Want to check out some of my best sellers? Take a peek below, and make sure to head to TPT from May 9th-10th to take advantage of this awesome sale! (don't forget the code THANKYOU17)

My number one best seller is my Goal Setting for Young People! This is my favorite product I've created and I love using this with my students and individuals. It is a workbook for those ready to develop their own goals and achievements using SMART goals. Click below to check it out :)

Check out my Behavior Management Packet, which is another one of my top 5 best sellers!  This pack includes a behavior clip chart, data collection forms, behavior think sheets, parent notes, and so much more!

Want more behavior talk? Check out this post on how to use a clip chart in your classroom. Then, check out this one discussing common criticisms of clip charts and how to make changes to use them effectively!

Need a resource for teaching quotation and dialogue to your learners? Check out this jam-packed product for ways to use it with your kiddos! 
Another one of my favorite products is my Fidget Break Cards, which I use with all of my learners, but especially the active, fidgety ones! Check it out :)
Finally, rounding out the top 5 is my Punctuation Packet, which I recently revised! It includes posters, worksheets, and resource tables for teaching punctuation to your students. Click the image below to check it out!

For some more Spring/Summer ideas, check out these products as well:

Need some synonym and antonym activities for spring? Check out these two products:

Looking to try my Daily Warm Ups? Check out my June edition for both kindergarten and first grade.

Want an easy, summer-themed literacy station, task box, or independent activity for the end of the year? Check out my Letter-Picture Match-Up for your students who need more practice with their initial letters.

Thank you teachers, for all you do to support our learners!

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  1. If I were to thanks somebody apart from veterans that day, I would think of the teachers immediately. These are people who are considered to have the world’s noblest profession. If I were to find an essay assignments online I would take advice from all those teachers we appreciate on the 9th of May. I am really happy about this event and I hope the teachers will have all the gratefulness they can get from their past, present and future students. Thanks for the information on such a wonderful occasion.


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