10 Things Tuesday: Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day is right around the corner, so you might be thinking about ways you can help the earth (or teach your kids how to help the earth). But just because Earth Day is April 22nd, doesn't mean you stop caring about and celebrating the earth the other 364+ days of the year!

I've teamed up again with our local Chrysler Jeep 24 to bring you another great infographic. This time, it's all about ways you can celebrate Earth Day year round!

  1. Go outside more! We all could use a little fresh air. Not only this, but it will  help us grow our appreciation for our earth and all it has to provide us.
  2. Get reusable bags. Forgo the plastic bags when shopping and you'll make a serious impact. Get some reusable bags at your local supermarket and keep them in your car when you head out shopping. The hard part is remembering to grab them from your trunk BEFORE you go into the store...
  3. Recycle. Many of us do this already, but there's a HUGE list of things we can recycle that we may not all know about. 
  4. Buy organic food and products. When you can at least. Here's a list of the foods most susceptible to pesticides (AKA should be organically grown)
  5. Stop eating meat. When you can, again. Not only is it cheaper, but it's better for the environment! If you can't commit to a vegetarian diet, try doing Meatless Monday (or whatever day works for you) and commit to having a meat-free day each week.
  6. Start composting. There are lots of resources to help beginners learn how to compost. Check out this infographic I pinned to my gardening Pinterest page for just one resource. There are lots more other examples on that same Pinterest board.
  7. Start gardening. There are many different ways you can garden! Live on a 5 acre plot of land? Garden! Live in a basement studio apartment? Garden! Check out my Live Off the Land Pinterest board for more ideas.
  8. Use glass bottles over plastic. I use mason jars for everything, including storing leftovers and as a water bottle. And when you do have plastic bottles, make sure you recycle them!
  9. Make your own cleaning products. Just like tip number 5, not only is this cheaper, but it's better for the environment! Check out this pin for a ton of ideas!
  10. Plant a tree. This can be in your own yard, or in your public park (with permission, obvi). Check out my dream here, options for you apartment dwellers, and a great resource for finding the perfect tree to grow in your neck of the woods!

For more info, check out these links:

ABA at Play: antecedent manipulations, reinforcement, socially significant behavior

What are some ways you celebrate Earth Day year round?


  1. Awesome post! My dad and me planted an apple tree once when I was a kid, would definitely love to try again once I have my own house. Yes, every day should be Earth day :)

    1. Nice! We own a house and still are learning how to manage our landscape. Once we know the best plants to thrive in our neck of the woods, we'll be giving back to our earth for sure :). Thanks for stopping by!


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