Easy Like Sunday Morning: A 90s Love Playlist

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend has been treating you well so far. To help keep you going, I've created a playlist for the 90s kids (like me) out there. This playlist is a mix of heart wrenching ballads for unrequited lovers as well as passionate lyrics for the love birds. This carefully curated mix gives me all the feels (usually the angsty middle school feels), either connecting with the singer's rejection of their outpouring of love, or my longing for the deeply amorous love songs meant to incite love and passion in the listener.

You may notice some "notable" songs are missing (read: I Will Always Love You). I was too young for this song, thus it does nothing for me. Other songs I'm CLEARLY too young to have listened to at the time (I'm looking at you Vanessa Williams), however my middle school self loved me some soft adult contemporary stations (specifically, Magic 106.7), thus Vanessa became a routine part of my bedtime cry-fest. No matter how many tears have been shed, I'm sharing this playlist with you to stir up some nostalgia. Enjoy!

Do you have any nostalgic 90s ballads to add to the list? Leave a comment below!



  1. Love this post! Here's to kids of the 90's! We gotta stick together ♡

  2. Oh my goodness! These are my jams! I love this!


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