Stash Hash: Delicious Post-Holiday Leftover Breakfast!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday week last week! We cooked the majority of the meal at our house, then transported it down to the MIL's. Because that's practical. While I'm all about someone else cooking and hosting, I do love having the chance to cook such a memorable, large meal. The best part? Having leftovers! When I'm a guest at someone's house, I don't get graced with leftovers, which is honestly, the best part. This year, I brought Tupperware down to the MIL's and divvied it up amongst my household, household. The MIL doesn't eat leftovers. Really!

Now, many people lover making new creations with their leftovers, but I've always felt, if I loved the meal the first time, I want to keep savoring it. Well, I had the chance to keep eating my Christmas meal throughout the weekend AND was able to try something new (I had a lot of leftovers). The creation? A delicious Stash Hash for breakfast (Stash - what you have on hand; Hash - hash).

Doesn't that look delicious?

Now this isn't a recipe - more of an inspiration. Basically, I just cooked up some leftovers and other ingredients I had on hand. Check out my Stash Hash "recipe" (more like guidelines) below and try it yourself!

Some more pictures, for good measure...

I had made some green beans for Christmas dinner, and had them for leftovers. I threw these in my omelette - so good! You could make this with other leftover veggies, like broccoli, asparagus, or sweet potatoes!

 This was the star of my meal. The eggs were an afterthought - a great afterthought.

The entire meal took me about 15 minutes. The hash took the longest to cook, but it was so worth it. Especially since I was a bit hung over. This breakfast hit the spot. I added a few strips of leftover ham on the side, because for some reason I don't think a meal is complete unless there are three different categories on the plate. Whatever. It was delicious.

What are you favorite ways to use up leftovers? I'm always on the search for new ideas...

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