10 Things Tuesday: Songs That Have Changed My Life

Hi Loves,

Okay, so the blog title may be a bit dramatic, but essentially this list is the top 10 songs that immediately made me stop what I was doing, seep into the beauty of the music and lyrics, and continue to send me in trance when they are played. They are not all "happy" songs, nor are they all "inspirational" songs. There may appear to be no rhyme or reason to this list, except that they all make me stfu and listen. That's a big accomplishment!

Without further ado, here are the top 10 songs that have changed my life (in no particular order)...

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  1. hi Rae, just the title of this post caused me to check it out first! I believe that there is a song attached to all our memories! sometimes I don't even realize it until it comes on the radio and then "boom" there comes that moment/memory! Anyway, thank you and how did you make the playlist? that is ultra cool! Paula


Thanks for the comments! I look forward to reading them :)

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