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Happy Monday!

Yesterday I was scrambling around, making sure I had everything settled for the next week. Today I am headed to Reno visiting my family for a week. No, I am not from there, nor are they. My dad and step mom moved there 2 years ago for a job and now my sisters attend the university there. I have been to Reno before, but not to visit family, and this is a first for The Husband. Although it won't be the warmest place ever, it's certainly going to warmer than here in Boston. Pretty much anywhere else will be warmer than here. 

In preparation for my trip, I created an image below with all the things you may consider bringing in your carry on. Although the outfit may not scream "winter-time travel" it's probably what I will be wearing tomorrow (with layers of course).

Jetting Setting: Carry On

Outfit: Even though I'm just going to see my family, I want to look presentable. They haven't seen me in a while, and though they won't judge me out loud for wearing yoga pants and a hoodie, I still want to dress to impress :) These pants look way more polished than sweats, but are just as comfy. With a cami and a flowy tank, I have a bit more room to breathe than a tight fitting shirt. And these shoes, while they may look impractical are super comfortable and stable! Oh, and I will be wearing socks so I can go through security without worrying about skeevy germs.

Bags: My big, black leather bag is my go-to carry on. It carries everything, is durable, and matches anything you can think of.
I will be bringing a travel wallet with me so I can keep everything organized. This is so clutch when you need to keep everything together and keep getting asked to present your ID and boarding pass.

Technology: I received a big ol' fancy camera for Christmas this year so of COURSE I will be bringing it.
I will be packing my awesome headphones and my iPhone, which are a must for musical entertainment.
If you like to watch movies during your trip, bring you portable DVD player or, my choice, your iPad which you can load movies onto before you leave. This will be in The Husband's carry on!

Accessories: As I mentioned earlier, layering up is a must when you travel. It will be freezing in Boston when we leave at 7am, but it will certainly warm up enough that I won't want to be wearing a turtleneck and snow pants (when would I ever?). Along with my coat and cardigan (that I did not add to the image), I will be bringing a cozy scarf for those temp-fluctuating planes and breezy tarmacs. It's easy to store away when it warms up.
I will also be bringing/wearing my glasses. Although I have contacts, which I will also be bringing, I will be wearing my glasses for the long flight. I don't know why - I feel like the contacts dry my eyes out more, especially in the high elevation and stuffy air quality. Plus they are cute.

Entertainment: Besides my music (which is a MUST) I will be bringing a book. The one I am currently reading is pictured above. I will most likely purchase some magazines when we get to the airport too - ones I would never purchase in any other context, like People or Cosmo (nothing against them, just not my go-to 'zine). Even with the reading material, I will  most likely spend most of the flight crocheting. I am currently working on a granny square blanket and could really use a couple of hours devoting my time to it's completion.

Sustenance: I have made the mistake of bringing a full stainless steel water bottle to security, which I then had the choice of either throwing away (Are you cray?! I'm not throwing away my $25 bottle!!), or walk ALL the way back down the stairs to dump it out in the sink (I swear they made the restrooms as far away as possible to punish the morons who try to bring dreaded water through security). I chose the latter, and as a result missed my flight. It was a nightmare. So, now I just spend my hard earned money on bottle water. Logical? No. Economical? No. Convenient? Yes. Now I don't have to worry about trying to pack a gigantic steel bottle in my carry on, nor will I have to keep track of it when I get to my destination. I don't spend money on bottles of water often, so I'm okay with doing it occasionally when I travel.
I always back something small, like a granola bar or trail mix, into my carry on. I always eat breakfast before I go (no matter how early the flight is) and will usually pick something up during any layovers I have. The in between is where it counts. Now that airline's charge you for EVERYTHING, I want to make sure I'm not giving them a cent more than I should! I bring my own quick, small snacks to avoid spending $5 on a cheese plate.
Gum is everything. Excuse me, I meant BUBBLE gum is everything. If you are packing gum to help relieve your ears from the pressure, Trident won't cut it. You need the super chewy bubble gum. Sure the flavor doesn't last that long, but it will save you from painful ear aches during your flight.

Health and Beauty: I will be packing my makeup bag for sure, but what I will be actually wearing on the flight is minimal. I will be using my favorite tinted moisturizer and concealer along with my fave mascara and a simple tinted balm. Effortless look that isn't trying too hard.
I  always have hand cream and hand sanitizer in my bag, even when I'm not traveling. That dry airplane air reeks havoc wreaks havoc on my skin and this moisturizer heels and moisturizes like no other. It's also a good idea to have sanitizer for those times you need to, ya know, flush the public toilet or wrestle with your suitcase on that dirty baggage claim thing.
I will also be packing a homemade Rose Water spray for that stale airplane air. Since I made it from scratch, I didn't have an image to add, but I poured it into a little spray bottle (resused from Lush)

I am not a pro at traveling by ANY means (if that story about the water bottle didn't convince you...), but I do think that the items above are a MUST when you travel. I'm looking forward to my trip and can't wait to take pictures with my new fancy camera (and share with you of course!).

What are you must-haves for traveling? Anything you would add to my list? Share!

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