TBT: Inanimate Nouns Need Loving Relationships Too!

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This Throwback post is all the way from October of 2012! Talk about a throwback...

Original Post, October 1, 2012:
Our class is learning about noun-verb relationships in writing. Animate nouns and verbs are "easy" - we see them every day, we experience them every day, we hear them every day. When talking about verbs, it's fairly easy for students to generate verbs such as run, kick, sing, etc. They are taught early on that verbs are something that we do. But once we move on to more complex topics, such as inanimate noun-verb relationships, the connection is not so clear...

Thus, I have incorporated a visual activity when teaching bout inanimate noun-verb relationships. The concept of an inanimate noun doing something is very abstract. Rulers don't move and tables don't do anything. So how could I possibly give a coat an action?

In order to clear up this confusion, I have supplemented my teaching of this concept with an activity where the students create sentences using provided verbs with an inanimate noun of their choice. We then took pictures to show how the inanimate noun could possibly do anything. 

Here are my dynamic kiddos' original sentences with pictures:

The book stood.

The coat laid.

The headphones hung.

The shoe hovered.
The papers spread.
This activity really helped my kiddos grasp this abstract concept and use these relationships in their own original writing assignments! I use this activity every year, and it is always a big hit :)

Check out a FREEBIE product for animate and inanimate noun-verb relationships by clicking the picture below.

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