Huzzah for Saturday, Healthy Meals, and November Lovin'


What a week! My para was back this week (THANK GOODNESS), but this week was still rough. I'm sure it was for all of you whose celebrated Halloween this week! I forgot how EXHAUSTING the week of Halloween can be! As a result, I ended up developing a witch of a cold (teehee), and by Halloween night, I was in full-blown infected mode. I ended up calling out on Friday (which I still feel terrible about) and lounged on the couch all day in and out of a pharmaceutical drug-fueled coma. I was supposed to go to a Halloween Party of a former coworker on Friday night, which I was so excited for! I had my costume ready and everything, even "trying it out" for warmth on Halloween night. But, alas, I hung my costume back up until next

Well...that's all in the past. Let's talk CURRENTLY!

Listening: Today is a beautiful Autumn day in Boston! The last few days, though rainy, have been unseasonable warm. Today, we are blessed to have the perfect Fall weather - mid-60s, light wind, crisp air, and sunny weather! Couldn't ask for a more perfect Saturday if you ask me. Well, I guess if I were healthy and able to enjoy the weather by actually being outside, and not just next to an open window, that would be a more perfect Saturday. Still feeling blessed :)

Loving: GRIMM!!!! I'm so excited that Grimm is finally back! I've waited for what seems like ages (really, months -but that's a long freaking time!), and just when I stopped thinking about it, BAM! It pops up on my DVR. w00t!

Thinking: So, all of you have read my rants recently (or maybe you've been smart enough to avoid them). I've come to the realization, last night while laying in the steam of the shower attempting to smoke out my cold, that my situation is not going to change until I do. I've been having a poor attitude about everything related to work lately. I've no desire to be there, and I fear it's obvious. This last week was no different, even having my para back. I was misled into the idea that all would be better once I had my extra set of hands again. Well, of course it's not! It's not her and her absence that was the problem. It's the system in which I am apart of. It's the ongoing lack of support, guidance and compassion. Me complaining about it isn't going to change a thing! I need to buck up, take action, and remember why I became a teacher in the first place!

Wanting: Who couldn't use a new wardrobe? With all of the fabulous colors, fabrics, and styles, I can't help but scrolling longingly through Pinterest, getting ideas for cute fall outfits that I don't own (yet). If any of you are feeling so inspired...take a peek at my Pinterest boards devoted to making me stylish. Christmas is just around the corner...

Needing: I should've changed this to "A kick in the rear!" I have my wake up call - now I need to put it in action! Read "Thinking" for more information.

A Yummy Pin: I blame all of you for my obsession of cuteness! I couldn't just post the pin - I had to create an adorable Recipe Image for you all to have too. Ya know, because I have time for that.

Fonts: Mrs. Leeby & Fonts for Peas; Graphics: The 3am Teacher, Mr. Magician, The Graphics Fairy, & Angie Makes
I LOVE steel cut oats for breakfast. My husband says (every.single.morning) "No body actually likes oatmeal. You just eat it because it's healthy." NOT true- I LOVE oatmeal, especially the steel-cut kind! My favorite mix-ins? Frozen blueberries, 1 banana, and a pinch of brown sugar. What do you like to add in your oatmeal?

Here's the original link. This is exactly the same recipe - I didn't change a thing. I just like to make things pretty. All the credit goes to theKitchn.

Here's the final product - an entire week's worth of delectable breakfasts!
Picture courtesy of theKitchn
If you don't have any mason jars laying around (I have a bunch from my wedding this past Summer!), this link also has directions to the traditional overnight steel cut oats recipe. Enjoy!

I've also linked up with Susan at Thank God It's First Grade! for her What's Your Schedule Linky.
Here are my daily schedules...

*Note: I teach 2 different grades in the same classroom - so often during academics, I split the groups and work with one, while my para works with the other. Sometimes, I don't have that luxury and we do whole group lessons. Also, notice that on Thursday, I didn't include a time for snack or classroom business (AKA morning meeting). On Thursdays, because we are so jam packed with specialists and specials, we don't have a time in the schedule to meet as a group (bummer). The students do have snack, but they just have it during Social Skills time.

It is certainly an art to schedule a classroom of first and second graders, while making sure to provide Inclusion Time for the students are able to do so during academics. It's an art form I have yet to master...

Oh, and be sure to check out my newest product uploads on TPT! I've been a busy bee!

My November edition is up! Thanks for the fabulous editors who helped me make sure I got it up in time for November to start!

A compliment to my Winter Synonyms Match-Up... one for Antonyms!

Speaking of Synonyms...I've updated this packet to include a recording sheet, an additional match up, instructions for additional uses, teacher prep, and directions.

And, coming soon...

That's all for now! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I'm sorry work is not going well right now. I can totally relate. I will have to try that recipe...looks YUMMY!!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. I want a new fall wardrobe, too! I am actually going shopping in a little while, so maybe I will get lucky and find some cute things on sale. I am glad I found your blog!


  3. I linked up with Susan too! Loved reading your blog post :)
    from Well, Michelle?

  4. I'm with your husband on the oat issue. I do eat them but only because they are filling and healthy. I will try them your way with additives to see if the love develops...jury still out on this.
    With each new week comes new hope, let your light shine!
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  5. Thanks for linking up, Rae! I love that you have DEAR time - I wish we had that!



  6. I could use a new wardrobe too, but I need to lose a few pounds first. I think we all go through a "funk" at work. It seems like each year they pile on more and more responsibilities onto the classroom teacher. Good luck!


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