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Happy Marathon Monday for those of you in Massachusetts!

It's a beautiful Spring day here, and I am so excited to start my Spring break off right. The fiancé took off the first two days this week so we can get some major wedding stuff done (67 days to go!), and our day is packed. CUrrently, he is out getting cat food, while I eat breakfast and get ready for the gym. Together, we will be going to the gym for a few hours (yes...hours. He runs an average of 10 miles a day...), then we are off to drop our dog off at the groomers. After that, we are finalizing our wedding invitation (yes...I know we are incredibly behind!!!), and book our honeymoon (Hawaii!!).  Then, the day will be spent shopping for tea cups and an archway, along with picking up dry cleaning (for a wedding we have this coming weekend). Tomorrow is going to be even MORE jam-packed with wedding-related tasks (wedding rings! booking hotel! cake tasting!).

My 300 Follower giveaway has ended, but Rafflecopter is acting up, so I can't pick a winner! As soon as it is up and running, I will let you all know!

As I am typing this, I am sitting by my kitchen window, laptop open, with a bowl of warm oatmeal and cup of freshly brewed coffee. There is something so serene about this scene to me. It reminds me of lazy Sundays (or Mondays), with not a care in the world. It also conjures up images of independence and adulthood - oddly enough. Sitting in your robe, with a Cup o' Joe, just taking it all in. While we are all so busy rushing around, planning every minute of our day (ignore the above paragraphs please...), accessing our lives via technology (ignore the fact that I am typing this on a MacBook), it's the independent, secure individual who slows down the pace, slips on her robe, and enjoys a calm, serene breakfast by the window overlooking her garden (hypothetically. I do not have a garden because I tend to kill everything green I touch). While my life is certainly not this carefree, especially today, it is moments like this that allow me to slow down and reflect on the important things in life. Today, I will allow myself to enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones, because we only live once (please...do not cue "YOLO"), let's make it last...


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