Monday, January 9, 2017

Need Help with Your Resolutions? Enter: Mason Jars

Hope your resolutions are still going strong! I'm here today to give you some tips to keep up with your health resolutions using mason jars!

Oh how I love the mason jar. Not only are they super cute and "rustic-ish", but very versatile! Here are my 5 ways to use mason jars to maintain your healthy lifestyle!

1. Mason Jar Portion Control

With the right size jars, you can easily control your portions when packing your lunch and snacks! Check out this nifty chart below, from Gourmandize, to help you keep your portions in check!

2. Mason Jar Overnight Oats

I love me some oatmeal. Especially steel-cut oats. However, steel-cut oats take a long time and when you don't have time in the morning (like me, who gives herself 20 minutes to wake up, get ready, and get out the door), it can seem like a fantasy to have warm steel-cut oats for breakfast on a workday. Enter: Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Overnight steel-cut oats are different than regular overnight oats, so I've included the recipe above for your enjoyment. This image is from my #RunTeacherRun tab, so check it out from more healthy tips

3. Mason Jar Salads

Another meal in a jar? You bet! Mason jar salads are not new (I'm probably a little behind the times here), but they still pack a powerful health punch. It's all about the layering and prepping. Check out this image below from Lasso the Moon on the best way to construct a mason jar salad and click here for 25 different mason jar salad recipes!

4. Mason Jar Exercises

My new favorite way to use mason jars is this nifty motivational tool. Just write down several quick workouts on slips of paper, and pop them in a mason jar. You can use this idea a variety of different ways, but my favorite is to keep it near my nightstand, so when I wake up, I can grab a slip of paper (or two if I'm feeling ambitious) and do the pre-determined exercise first thing in the morning! You could also use this jar when  you're crunched for time and can't make it to the gym. Just set a timer for the amount of time you want to work out for, and grab slips of paper and exercise until the time runs out!

5. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Sometimes, we need a bit more motivation to get ourselves to the gym. Our long-term goals of getting stronger and losing weight don't always withstand my laziness and lack of will-power. That's where this little tip comes in. You essentially are paying yourself to work out. You can utilize this technique in whichever way works for you, but check out PopSugar for how Jenny does it!

Hope these tips help you in your quest for health and wellness! Do yourself a favor and invest in some mason jars of different sizes, please.

Can you think of any other healthy ways to use mason jars? Let me know below!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year's! Hope everyone isn't feeling the effects of last night too hard. (If you are, check out my post from Friday)

In preparation for a new year of goals and opportunities, I'm writing down my list of New Year's Resolutions. Call them what you want: goals, promises, intentions. To me, it's just a name of things I want to work on this year. This year, instead of coming up with specific, measurable goals for my resolutions, I came up with a word for the "theme" of the year, and open-ended resolutions from which to make specific goals. I'm doing it this way, so that I'm not pigeon-holing myself to commit to a specific goal until I determine what's right for me and then at that point, can create more manageable, SMART goals of which I speak so highly. So I present you, my 2017 Word of the Year: Focus.

I chose this word, as it is driving force for all I want to do this year. Focus on my marriage. Focus on my health. Focus on balancing work. Every day, I'm thinking about my marriage and how important is to me. Every day I think about making healthy choices. Every day I think about how to better manage my work/life balance. However, this year I want to take those efforts a step further. I want to think with intention. I want to prepare for life, be mindful about the choices I make instead of react, be grateful for my life and focus on the positives.

What am I going to focus on?

  • Focus on Self-Care: doing things I love, people and experiences that bring joy, finding the value in my worth
  • Focus on Support: finding support for myself, supporting others, supporting the life I want
  • Focus on Organizing: maintaining a clean and organized living space, balancing my work life, keeping track of finances and savings
  • Focus on Strength: mental health, physicality, willpower
  • Focus on Quality: clothing, food, experience

What are you New Year's Resolutions for 2017? Share below!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Hangover Cures for New Years

So, not that I'm condoning overindulging in the hard stuff, but it happens. Especially after a night of binge drinking on New Year's Eve.

Below are my tips for managing that wretched hangover (not that I've ever had one...😅)

1. Hydrate

Drink to drink. By that I mean, pair each of your alcoholic beverages with a water.

2. Eat Your Macros

Drinking on an empty stomach means you're begging hangover. Make sure to fill your belly with deliciousness before you head out (preferably with some protein, carbs, and fats to help slow down how fast your blood alcohol level goes up).

3. Pop a pill before bed

I take two activated charcoal pills before bed, and then another when I wake up. Science has not determined it's effectiveness yet, but my brain has, and that's good enough for me. Oh, and chug a bottle of water.

4. Pop a pill when you wake up

Popping a pain killer before bed can worsen stomach aches, but popping one the next morning may be helpful in alleviating that headache!

5. Wash your face

Hopefully before you go to bed, to get all that makeup, cigarette smoke, and dehydrating alcohol out of your skin. But if you can't possibly do it the night before, make sure to cleanse it thoroughly when you wake up, and put on ultra moisturizing products to help repair the damage you've done.

6. Re-hydrate

With water, or another hydrating drink like coconut water (which also includes electrolytes!) You can also drink some ginger or peppermint tea to help alleviate nausea.

5. Eat oatmeal or eggs

Replenish the nutrients you lost the night before with a wholesome meal. Skip the ultra greasy breakfast foods (myth!) and grab something healthy and delicious. Again, with macros!

6. Diffuse

You know how much I love my oils. On New Year's Day, when your head is pounding and your stomach and churning, drop some grapefruit or lavender oil in your diffuser and breathe away your pain. Check out these other ways to use essential oils to help your hangover.

7. Get moving

Do what you can. Try this workout perfect for your degenerate self. If you can't possibly imagine rousing yourself from your bed to exercise, check out this yoga routine you can do in bed!

8. Get out

Get some fresh air and sunshine. It will help to boost your mood and get you some much needed vitamin D (because, like, everyone is deficient in it)

9. Get your probiotics

Whether it's in the form of a pill or a food, fueling your body with probiotics helps to replenish the stomach flora you so recklessly abolished the night before. Oh, also get some B vitamins. 

10. Rest

When all else fails, try to sleep it off. Remember, this too shall pass.

Do you have any hangover cures to share? Comment below! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My (Last-Minute) Christmas List

Happy Winter Solstice! 

Are you counting down yet? Only 4 more days until Christmas, and I feel like I just found out it's December. I have done very minimal shopping and have absolutely zero motivation to go out and do more. I guess it's all part of the experience.

Due to my lack of desire to join the mobs at the mall, I've decided that, with four days left, it's about time I start my online shopping. Thankfully, I have Amazon Prime, so it makes it as painless (and inexpensive) as possible. So, in a weird, unhelpful turn of events, I've decided to share what I want for Christmas this year, many of which are available on Amazon Prime (hint, hint, Husband...). Who knows? Maybe my wishlist will inspire you for the people in your life!

Plain Cap

My husband doesn't get it, and frankly, neither do I, but I've been eyeing a plain suede cap for a while now. It just looks so chic and cool girls wear them, so now I want one.
This one is available on Amazon Prime

French Press

Again, cool girl status seems attainable with a french press. Also, I'll save money and not have to walk down the block every time I begin detoxing from caffeine.
Also available on Amazon Prime!

Swell Water Bottle

Cool girls drink water from cool bottles. Enough said.

iPhone Charger Case

My husband has this one and swears by it. Here's hoping Santa heard the recommendation!
Yup - Prime

Indoor Plants

Now that I have a window in my office, I'm trying to fill the space with as much greenery as possible. How cute would these planters look hanging on my brick office wall?
You guessed it. Prime.

Gift Cards

As obnoxious as it sounds, I need a whole new wardrobe since I've lost a considerable amount of inches (weight lifting for the win!). And, as it were, since I'm still learning how to dress my new size, I'm not sure of what my size actually is. So instead of asking for clothes in specific sizes (as we know, one size in one store IS NOT the same in others...), I'm hoping to get gift cards to places like, Ann Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Lululemon, Antropologie, SephoraNordstrom, Primark, etc.

I wish you all a very happy holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

TBT: New Year's Resolutions

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Hope your week has been going well. Just two more days til the weekend!

Many of you are probably still in school, so I hope this post finds you well. This is Throwback Post, from January of this year. I wanted to repost it BEFORE New Year's to give you enough time to think about this post before school let's out for the winter break (for us in the Northern Hemisphere), in case you wanted to incorporate some of the ideas into your lessons, but especially to give you some time to think about what goals YOU want to accomplish come the new year...



Original Post: January 6, 2016

So by now you've figured out my love for making goals and sticking to them. I've posted a few times about ways to stick with your resolutions (or goals) and have created a couple products related to resolutions and making SMART goals.

Okay, okay. You've read these posts and understand how and why to make and stick with your goals for the upcoming year. But maybe you don't know what your resolution(s) should be. Maybe you have something vague in mind, like "get healthy" but can't determine a concrete place to start. Look no further! This post is to help you determine the perfect resolution(s) for you!

I've split up the ideas based on categories. You may even look for a different goal in each category, like I did here, if it strikes your fancy.

Get Healthy!

This category relates to anything in regards to your physical health, such as weight loss, exercising, clean eating, hydration, etc.

  • Walk _____ steps a day (many people start with 10,000)
  • Drink _____ glasses/ounces of water a day - check out my latest Busy Bee post for ways to increase your water intake.
  • Do yoga one day per week (this is great if you are trying to increase your flexibility and yoga practice. Once this is mastered and you want to increase it, do so!)
  • Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes each
  • Lose 10 pounds in 3 months -this is an example. Tailor this to your goals, but make sure it's reasonable.
  • Quit Smoking. I don't know a lot about smoking cessation, but check this out for some tips to meet your goals!
  • Cook at home 3 nights per week (to me this is cray easy, but that's because I a'int got no money for take out, and like cooking. But whatever you need to work on man...)
  • Jog ____ miles per week/month/year. I find it easier to make smaller goals, such as "Jog 100 miles by January 31st" or "Jog 30 miles by my birthday". Once I reach my goal, I set a new one. For example, if I ran 100 miles by January 31st, I might then set a goal for 50 miles by Valentine's Day, and so forth. If jogging isn't in the cards for you, then allow walking to take its place. I allow any cardio exercise to count, based on these rules below from Tone It Up.

  • Wear sunscreen every. single. day.
  • Incorporate fruits and veggies at EVERY meal -this is one of my personal resolutions this year!
  • Try one new work out each week - check out my #runteacherrun page for some workouts!

Save Money!

All things related to saving and making money.
  • Bring your lunch 3 days per week
  • Make coffee at home
  • Save _____ per month (enter a reasonable dollar amount here, based on the next idea)
  • Create a budget
  • Keep track of your finances - many people swear by Mint
  • Save money toward buying a house - this may obviously take longer than just one year, but by starting the process of determining your budget will make the process much easier. Check out this post to give you an idea of where to start.
  • Make more money this year - not always an easy feat, but check out this list of resources for some great ideas! I added TPT to my resume a few years back and it's been a great supplement to our annual income. Additionally, I work as a consultant on the side based on my profession (BCBA)
  • Consolidate your loans - or at least research it to find out if it's right for you.
  • Start a savings plan
  • Learn to live below your means -sound scary? It's actually quite reasonable, and responsible! Check out this post for some tips.

Live in the Moment!

Mindfulness (my fave), mental wellness, stress relief.
  • Turn off all electronics one hour before bed 4 nights per week (gotta start somewhere, right?)
  • Get more sleep - to make this SMART, add smaller, manageable benchmarks, such as "go to bed 30 minutes earlier" and once that is accomplished, change it to "go to bed 45 minutes earlier". Alternatively, consider tracking your sleep (I use my Fit Bit). Check out this post for some ideas for getting better sleep.
  • Be a Morning Person
  • Create a cleaning chart for your home - incorporate kids and spouses. Cleaning throughout the week leads to less stress on weekend and cleaner home all around!
  • Meditate ___ minutes per day - start at 5 minutes a day. Increase as needed/desired. Need help getting started? Check out my Beginner's Guide to Meditation for busy folks and my post on Meditation 101.

Be Professional!

Work-related goals for the professional
  • Be more productive -I'll admit, this isn't very SMART, but I don't know what you do for a living to make this a SMART goal. To help make this goal SMART, focus more on the steps you are going to take, based on your overall goal as it relates to your professional situation. For example, for me I might choose "work on behavior support plan for client in the first 2 hours of the work day" or "check emails 3 times daily".
  • Procrastinate less - again, not SMART, but you can figure it out.
  • Find more professional resources - check out my Pinterest page on all things "professional" and "work-related"

Blog More!

Blogging related resolutions to keep you accountable
  • Grow your blog - there are tons for resources for growing your blog. Check this one out for Twitter. This one for a list of new blog post ideas. Or this one and this one for making money while growing your blog. Score!
  • Learn how to write a great blog post - check out this resource for some tips.
  • Learn how to pair fonts for eye-catching images - like here, or here.
  • Learn about any gadgets you have - for example, your MacBook or Canon.
  • Learn effective photography tips for bloggers - say for, creating and animated gif, using photo editing apps, and general photography tips.

Have Fun!

Use these resolutions for adding leisure or "just for fun" goals in your life. Think: reading, vacations, hobbies, etc.
  • Read 1 new book a month (make this attainable for you!)
  • Take an adult education class of your choice (think knitting, a language course, or cooking class)
  • Teach yourself a new skill (YouTube has great resources for this - I taught myself to crochet using this method)
  • Join a sports team for leisure. There are lots of organizations geared toward adult sports or social groups. My favorite Boston-based ones are BSSC, Hub Sports, and Social Boston Sports. Check out your local YMCA for some leagues as well!
  • Learn how to change a tire by _____ (enter date)
  • Plan one weekend day trip per month -this is the perfect resolution for those of you new to your area, or even those who have lived in their town for years! It's an opportunity to get out and explore!
  • Complete 2 DIY projects of your choosing a month- Check out your own Pinterest page (or mine) for inspiration!

Now even though this list of resolutions is HUGE, it is by no means complete. This is meant to serve as inspiration for you as you develop the best goals for you. Hopefully, I have done that for you.

What are your resolutions/goals for the upcoming year? Comment below!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Quickie Post: New Year's Resolution Pack

Happy Caturday,

Just dropping in to update you all on my revision to the New Year's Resolution Mini-Lesson Pack, which has been updated for 2017. Other small grammatical edits have been made as well, so if you've already purchased the pack, you can re-download the updated version. If you haven't purchases it yet, click here to get your very own (for a measly $2.00). It's perfect for grades K-5 and can be added to any lesson on making goals, resolutions, and the like.

Additionally, I have a similar product (though not New Year's themed) for the older crowd. My Goal Setting for Young People is incredibly popular (my best seller for 2 years now!) It's still my favorite product I've created and is JAM-PACKED with goal setting worksheets, tips, strategies, etc. The focus is on making SMART goals for sustaining lasting change. It's great for older students (think: middle school and high school), as well as young adults in other settings (think: higher functioning individuals receiving adult services in a job-placement program or day facility). 


Monday, November 28, 2016

Quickie Post: Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale!

So um, wow. It's the end of November. I've been missing, per usual. Just got back from Hawaii (yes, really), and just realized it's already the Cyber Monday sale on TPT! I've set up my store to have everything 20% off, and with the additional savings from TPT, you will receive 28% off your purchases! Sweet!

Click the image below to head to my TPT store and save a whopping 28%! Don't forget to include the promo code at check out: CYBER2016

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