Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning #22

Morning loves!

I first heard this song on an episode of Sons of Anarchy. I knew I had to find the original (as this one was Katey Sagal's version). Turns out, it's another song originally performed by Leonard Cohen (like last week's song), which I don't love. Luckily lots of people find this song to be as intoxicating as I do, so many artists have covered it. I chose k.d. lang's version, which I love. (obvi)


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning #21

Happy Sunday (and Happy Easter to my Easter-celebrating friends)

Today's song title is a coincidence. Regardless of if you celebrate this holy day, enjoy this amazing song.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

So Close to Sending Tieks a Strongly Worded Letter...

I'm not sure if you are aware of the severity of my naiveté, or should I say, gullibleness… but it's bad. Like really bad. I believe everything anyone says always. My brother-in-law even memorialized some stories of my gullibleness in our wedding speech. So needless to say, April Fools is my least favorite holiday ever.

Nearly every email I received that day was a tricky nightmare. I thought each headline, no matter how bizarre or unbelievable, was real life, and they often confused me. 

Why would there ever be a Tough Mudder for babies?! That's stupid. Let me see how they would even do this…oh wait, god dammit!

Then, I went on trip for work, leaving that evening and leaving my traumatic memories of April Fool's Day behind. While I was away, I made checking only important, personal emails a priority and leaving all of the store mailing list or advertising emails for when I returned. This morning, I finished up those emails, usually just scrolling through to mark it as "read" until I saw an email from Tieks that caught my eye. I think it's best that you understand this story from my perspective….Check out the images below to imagine life in my shoes:

What? No…this can't be. Obviously it's a ploy to get people to click the link. They are obviously giving them toy bunnies, or bunny stickers or something. They would get in so much trouble if they gave live bunnies. Let me just check it out to make sure…

 Oh my god… they are serious. This is pretty f-ed up… Let me see how they go about the logistics of this…

 Wtf. Poor Olivia Bunn. Why isn't she no longer available? Jerks. This is mean to the bunnies. How do they know that the person who got March Hare will take care of it?! This is an 8-year investment for a caring, responsible, animal-loving person. This isn't right…

Oh weird. I didn't know you could ship an animal like that. Wait…my mailman whips my packages on my front porch like a major league pitcher. And what about the actual shipment in the aircraft? Poor bunnies.

Okay, that's it. I'm going to tweet about this like crazy, write a blog post devoted to boycotting Tieks and write a letter denouncing the company for life. This is horrible and irresponsible. I feel sick.

::exasperated sigh::

This is my life. Daily. But multiple times daily on April Fools Day. Thank god it's only once a year, or I'd most likely combust from stress and confusion.

And no. I'm not boycotting Tieks - in fact, after all was said and done and I realized it was fake, I was not only super happy , but I was relieved that the company I was ready to denounce publicly felt the same exact way about providing randoms with live animals. Live animals are NOT bonus prizes, or incentives for spending money on adorable flats. They are investments in a life.

Please for the love of god, do NOT buy your loved ones bunnies or chicks, or any live creatures for Easter (or any day for that matter) without a very serious conversation about responsibility and readiness to care of a live creature. They aren't toys or accessories. They are a life-form worthy of love, affection, and happiness, just like all of us.

No matter your celebrations this weekend, enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning #20

Happy Sunday friends!

Today I'm sharing a song that is one of my all-time favorite songs. Ever. I love The Pixies always, but this one is one I am always in the mood for. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning #19

Morning Lovelies!

Today I'd like to share a song that I used to binge listen to back in like 2008. It's the perfect chill, Sunday morning song - so grab a cup of coffee, wrap yourself in a cozy robe and enjoy :)


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Songs for Spring

Happy Vernal Equinox, lovers!

In celebration of spring, renewal, and awakening from the bitter cold of winter, I present you with my Songs for Spring playlist!

Some of these titles/songs are obvious for springtime renewal. Others, not so obvious. A few notes on some of the choices for this playlist:

Sleeping Lessons, The Shins. The song starts out slow, like the long frigid winter. Then breaks into an upbeat springtime song to gear you up for warmer weather.

Cailin, Unwritten Law. Spring is all about rebirth and finding love. This adorably upbeat song hits the spot.

Just Like Heaven, The Cure. This song ALWAYS  reminds me of childhood. Specifically driving in Boston (usually over the BU Bridge for some reason) with the windows rolled down all the way while still wearing sweaters and pants. The first signs of spring.

She's Electric, Oasis. This fun, upbeat track from (What's The Story) Morning Glory, puts a smile on my face. It makes me think of crawling out from our dark cave of winter and entering the world of happiness and flowers that we call spring.

New Soul, Yael Naim. Back in 2007 I heard this song for the first time and I continued to binge-listen for the remained of the calendar year. When I'm in the mood for a happy, light song about transformation and rebirth, this is what I always come back to.

Let's Do It, Joan Jett and Paul. A Song about nature falling in love and singing the songs of it. I mean, c'mon. Perfect, right?

Amour du Sol, Yelle. This song is in French. If the upbeat, toe-tapping tune doesn't scream spring, the lyrics might. It's all about dancing, freedom, and having fun. Imagine listening to this song while walking your dog the first warm spring day. I guarantee you'll end up dancing down the street instead.

I chose the songs for this playlist because of either their lyrics and meaning, or the upbeat, springtime vibe I feel when I listen to them.

I'd love to know what you have on your springtime playlist! Comment below :)

image source: freeimages

Sunday, March 15, 2015

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