Monday, November 28, 2016

Quickie Post: Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale!

So um, wow. It's the end of November. I've been missing, per usual. Just got back from Hawaii (yes, really), and just realized it's already the Cyber Monday sale on TPT! I've set up my store to have everything 20% off, and with the additional savings from TPT, you will receive 28% off your purchases! Sweet!

Click the image below to head to my TPT store and save a whopping 28%! Don't forget to include the promo code at check out: CYBER2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School Madness: A Guide to Stay Sane

Hello Lovelies!

Even though I'm not in the school setting anymore, September always reminds me of new beginnings, similar to New Years. It's the perfect time to reset and refresh all those stale routines you've grown to hate. I understand that many of you are back to school already (BEFORE SEPTEMBER?!) but these tips are helpful nonetheless. Below are some self-help tips to help you stay sane during this chaotic time, whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a *fill-in-the-blank* looking to employ some self-help strategies.

Get a Routine Down

Chances are, your routine is a little stale, or non-existent (read: Vacation Mode). It's time set your routine now, to make your life easier. The quicker you determine a routine that works for you and your family, the easier life will be!


Everyone's favorite pastime (not). Whether you run 5 miles a morning, or practice some post-dinner yoga, exercise should be a non-negotiable. The benefits of exercise are innumerable, but my anecdotal take is that, it just makes me feel good. When I feel good, I stress less, sleep better, and am able to handle more. Check out this post for ways to fit exercise into your already busy life.

Book a Massage

Not always feasible, but the idea here is to pamper yourself. My favorite way to do this is to book a message (often for cheap on Groupon, or with Back-to-School specials at various massage studios. Other ways to de-stress: get a mani/pedi, get a facial, or spend an hour one evening (preferably when no one is around to bother you) giving yourself the ultimate spa treatment.

Fuel Up

Nobody feels good when they are running on empty, which is what I felt like at the end of every school day during these busy times (back-to-school, holidays, testing time, wrapping up the end of the school year). A big part of my problem? I wasn't providing my body the nutrients it needed to stay alert and energized throughout the day. Despite what well-meaning mugs say, one cannot run on coffee alone. Nor can they run on the Tootsie Rolls in the secretary's candy jar. You need to provide yourself with wholesome, nutritious food throughout the day. Pack a healthy lunch and an after school snack (because I KNOW you will be staying after school) to help keep you running at your best.


With the above tip in mind, your body also needs to stay hydrated, and I don't mean with coffee and diet soda. Bring a bottle of water to school to refill during any breaks in the day (I know this can be hard). If you can't keep refilling, bring a few water bottles to keep behind your desk. That way, you will never run out of water, and you'll be keeping yourself hydrated!

Get Sleep

I know you know this, but for real guys- go to bed early and get high-quality sleep! I can't sing the praises enough of getting a good night's sleep, and I am able to speak first-hand on what a difference this makes. My body (and mind) always knows when I've had a crappy night's sleep, and it shows in my performance, behavior, and sadly, my face. Don't tell me you can't. You have to. Simple as that.

Do What You Love

Besides teaching, that is. Make time for yourself to indulge in your favorite hobby. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day. Try to carve out some time and schedule it in to your day. To prepare for a good night's sleep, spend 10 minutes before bed reading a novel that's been on your "To-Read" list all summer, crochet during the commercial breaks of your favorite show, or join a local sports league that meets up once a week (my favorite pastime). Whatever you do, make sure you do it for you!

Be Grateful

When life gets stressful and it's hard to see the good, take time to actively be grateful. It's easier than it seems. It could be as simple as laughing it off when someone cuts you off on your way home. I like to keep a gratitude journal in my purse, which sounds fancier than it is. It started because I saw a pretty journal at a local bookshop and had to buy it. I couldn't figure out what to use it for, and thought maybe I'd keep it for some spontaneous doodling (another pastime of mine). One Sunday afternoon, during a particularly playful and silly time with my husband, I was feel such warmth and happiness that I didn't want it to end. I decided at that point, that my beautiful journal would be used to document all the beautiful things I have in my life. Thus, the gratitude journal was born. Being grateful doesn't require any special skill. It just requires you to slow down and find the good. You'd be amazed at what this does for your sanity.

Above all, breathe! You got this!

I hope these tips have inspired you to make some changes to help you stay sane during the start of school, and throughout the school year!

You might also like this post from LAST year on tips for heading back to school with your sanity intact.

Do you have any self-help tips you'd add to the list? Comment below!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#WCW: New Playlist

Happy Hump Day!

I created a new playlist that I'm completely obsessed with and have appropriately titled #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday, duh). I should disclose this is an EXPLICIT playlist, thus, it is NSFW and NSFTEO (not safe for the easily offended). #sorrynotsorry

Check it out!

Any #WCW songs you'd add? Let me know below! I'm always looking for new music to listen to!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hey all! Hope your summer is going as swell as mine! Are you feeling like you're missing out on all the excitement? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to the max? Well stop.

Keep reading...

Isn't it time to squash FOMO in lieu of something a bit more fun and meaningful? I've teamed up with some folks over at Eventbrite to promote an even better acronym than FOMO: GOMO! What's GOMO? I'm glad you asked...

Going Out More Often, or GOMO, is...well, exactly that. It's time to stop harboring feelings of being left out while scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat and start getting ourselves out and doing more! How do you get started? Check out my plans for GOMO below.

How do I plan to GOMO?


One of my most FAVORITE summer activities is attending outdoor concerts. Free or not, I love looking forward to jamming out to awesome music in the summer heat. This summer, I'm looking forward to checking out some artists at the Lowell Music Series.


Like every weekend. My fave place in the world.


So many to choose from here in Boston. Like music festivals, food festivals like this and this, and one that's a mix of everything.

Outdoor Dining!

Usually, The Husband and I spend our date nights (Saturdays) dining outside in the summer. We like to head to coastal towns, like Newburyport, Rockport, or Portsmouth, NH and find little local restaurants to try. Each weekend is an adventure!


I love museums, but I feel like we never go anymore. We live just north enough that Boston feel out of reach for a weeknight at the museum. However, with this event coming up, I'm putting in my calendar and we are making it happen!

So far, this is how I've been GOMO!

Amazing trip to Mexico!

Amazing trip to Martha's Vineyard!

Beach trips!

Dog Adventures!

My 30th Birthday!

So far, my GOMO experiences have been incredible and I'm so lucky to have the chance to do these amazing things. I'm looking forward to continuing in the spirit of GOMO all summer long (and then some!)

If you'd like to create an event in your area, check out this online RSVP page from Eventbrite. You can also check out your local Eventbrite page to find some awesome events in your area! Eventbrite supports ticket sales, discounted options for non-profits, and loads more!

Help us end FOMO once and for all by sharing your plans for GOMO!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quickie Post: TPT Back to School Sale!

Back to School already?! Where does the time go?! Well, in any evident, you can save mad money on the resources you would normally buy for your classroom with the Back to School Sale on TPT!
Head over to TPT, shop as you normally would, and make sure you put in the code BestYear to ensure you get a mega discount!

Check out my products, where you will get a total of 28% off anything in my store!

Enjoy the last few sweet days of summer!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Keep the Learning Going All Summer Long!

Happy Friday!

I realize this may be a little too late for some of you folks (WHAT?! Some of you are already back to school? That's baffling to me). But for others who still have another 6 weeks to go, I've teamed up with my friends over at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 to bring you another infographic! Check out these great educational tips to keep your kids active minds engaged all summer long. 

Don't forget to pin the image above to reference and share with others! 

What are your thoughts? Do you have unique ways to make learning fun? Leave a comment below!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Mother's Day Playlist

Happy Mother's Day! I've curated a list of sweet, cute, hardcore, and memorable songs to honor your mother (or yourself). Not to be played with young children, or for the faint of heart (not the explicit notice on a few songs). This list is for the fun, laid-back, doesn't-take-life-too-seriously mom. Enjoy!

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