For the Student in You: Ace That Test!

As you may have read a couple weeks ago, I am in the middle of a major life transition - leaving the classroom to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or BCBA. Additionally, I am had been studying for the exam to prepare to take it on May 5th! That day has past, and I feel confident in myself as a future BCBA. Therefore, I leave you with some studying tips.

Many of you may be in the same boat as I am - studying for an upcoming, career-altering exam. Some of you are student-teachers preparing for the teaching test, others are in graduate school studying for the endless exams you need to take to show your competencies. Some of you may be teaching students study skills, particularly in high school or beyond. I hope you find this post to be worth your while (which is always my goal as a blogger).

Here are some, evidence-based study tips to improve your confidence to ace that test!
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