Sunday Funday {plus} Currently (with a contest), and New(ish) Blog!

Greetings Friends,

Been a while - sorry about that! I won't give you any excuses, just know that I missed you!

Let's get this party started…Linky Party that is!

I've linked up with Lucky to Be in First for a new, awesomely fun linky :) Today, I'm sharing all the fun happenings from the previous week in pictures!

 photo 0D9DDDB1-944E-463B-A7BA-D4E636163E78_zpsiydvhivc.jpg
Deliciously simple and quick dinner: Tuna Noodle Cassarole
 photo 9AD7A7F9-9242-4ED8-8AA4-6F50D787FA8B_zpsdlhf9emr.jpg
My best friend's bridal shower!

 photo D39C3C6E-E3BB-43DA-A89C-6B2EE8D2B467_zpsnx0mjrlk.jpg
I met Bill for the first time!
 photo 4A7F3E72-355A-4000-B7EA-29071584103E_zpsad8t4imr.jpg
Lip scrub
 photo 671b6ecc-50e0-4d02-b8cb-41ee28759fde_zpsf7ee5013.jpg photo 22C56DCF-8408-4714-A54E-DC8CDA1ADC56_zpsnudy7vhy.jpg
My WONDERFUL Slant Box from the WONDERFUL Kristen at Chalk & Apples!

 photo F676603C-A3D2-4FD8-B684-25934816815D_zpsmstay8qd.jpg
Cornwalls in Boston with some friends
 photo EE7E0059-4E1B-44D3-9216-4B9FA89CDDCE_zpszgtxrhnd.jpg
Me and The Husband
Part of the week's happenings was my newest blog quest. I've restarted a previous blog (of the same name) I created a few years back on Tumblr. I like the visual attributes of Tumbr - the perfect outlet for quick posts, pics, and links. It also easy for me to blog on the go, which is usually the way I would prefer to do it for my Tumblr blog. This blog is all about life's ups and downs. It's a way for me to reach out to others about lifestyle, health, beauty, and more. Basically, everything that is NOT teacher related. That being said, the topics I blog about or share with my followers (which are not many by the way…) are of interest to all sorts of people, teachers included. For example, one of my latest posts was how to make a 3-second lip scrub, with pictures and recipe. If you would like to check it out, you can find follow it on Bloglovin' here.

Now, time for the March Currently, courtesy of Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Notice the last question…? Or lack of a question? My answer to the mystery question is April 18, 2006. Your job is to figure out what the question is… tricky huh? Who knows…maybe the person who guesses correctly with get something…? A prize perhaps? Hafta play to find out...

Make sure to link up with Farley and follow the rule of 3!
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  1. How fun! Maybe it is your anniversary of meeting you husband? I will have to try that lip scrub recipe. This winter has killed my lips!

  2. So much fun! It looks like a great week!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  3. Hello Rae! Is the question: what is your wedding anniversary? Is Bill your pup? He's too cute!

  4. Hi Rae! Thanks so much for linking up with Molly and I on our Sunday Funday adventures!
    I'm guessing the date is when you got married?!? I'm off to check out that lip scrub!
    A Burst of First

  5. Love the idea of the lip scrub and I am super impressed you can keep up on two blogs! Headed over to check out your recipe now! Thank you!!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  6. It was a Tuesday so I am going to guess that you and your hubby had your first date. Thanks for the lip scrub recipe.

  7. Oh a relaxing bath and massage sound great about now!
    Little Room Under the Stairs


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