November Currently

This year is going by so fast, I can barely keep up! Can you believe it is already November?! So, you know what that means....November Currently! Thanks to Farley over at Oh Boy! 4th Grade I have linked up for the November Currently. Make sure to check it out so you can link up too, and find new blogs to stalk :)

Drum roll please...

Currently listening to Spotify...the Frank Turner station :). I discovered Frank Turner several months ago, and still cannot stop listening to him! I have discovered lots of fabulous, indie artists through this station as well!
Chester, Lucy, and Fred are all laying on the couch next to Mumma, all snoring. Their uninhibited snores make me feel home :)
And of space heater reminds me that I am home, snuggled up in my sweats and blankets, escaping from the autumn chill :)

Currently loving the autumn air, despite is biting chill. After all, it is my favorite season! I am also enjoying the smell of my pumpkin coffee (iced...because c'mon...even though the weather outside may be cold, you can't beat Dunkin Donuts' iced coffee! And finally, my cozy, knit sweaters, perfect for the fresh, raw outside air!

Currently thinking of those affected by Sandy. While Boston still experienced some heavy winds, property damage, and a couple of days with no school, it is nothing compared to how New Jersey and New York fared. Watching the telethon last night hosted by the American Red Cross, I had no idea the extent to which families in those areas were affected. Devastation across the states was evident by the horrific, telling photos of Staten Island, Jersey Shore, among many more. My heart and warm, caring thoughts go out to those families. If you can spare, please make a donation, no matter how small, to organizations, such as the American Red Cross, making efforts to help families and communities to restore the towns, schools, and homes they once knew. No donation is too small. Please visit the American Red Cross for more information on how to make a donation. Further, you can make a donation on iTunes

Currently wanting new riding boots! Specifically, any made my Madewell or Frye. Also, each year, my fiancé and I run the Lynnfield Turkey Trot. It's our family's tradition. I am looking forward to when Rich comes home, so we can sign up together! Also, tomorrow is my team's last soccer game of the season, and I am hoping to end this season with a bang! (or at least a win) We won our leagues tournament last week, which is always a good feeling. I hope to end soccer this year with a feeling of victory!

Currently needing more time! There is so much to do today: clean the house, go for a run, create more TpT products, finish my lesson plans for the week, complete my homework for my Verbal Behavior class. So much to do, such little time!

Current music is the Gaslight Anthem! I loooooove Brian Fallon (the way he looks, his band, and his hypnotic voice!!) and cannot get enough of him and the group.

That's all for now!




  1. Isn't fall the best? I am so in love with the cooler, more crisp weather. And new boots, those are definitely on my "need" list as well. :)

  2. Yes it is! And, I can't believe I wasn't following your blog! Don't worry...that was remedied :)

  3. I love fall... I just wish it would come to Arizona!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. Hello -- Found you through Farley's currently. I am also a special education teacher. I love finding other special ed. blogs. Looking forward to reading more!!

    Mrs. Dixon
    Teaching Special Thinkers


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